World Mental Health Day

The Westgrove Group are continuing to support World Mental Health Day hosted on the 10th October each year.  This year, the theme set by the World Federation of Mental Health is Mental Health in an unequal world.

Here at The Westgrove Group, we take the Mental Health of our colleagues and those around us very seriously. We are committing to 1in10 Westgrove Colleagues having Mental Health First Aid training and all Colleagues are offered Mental Health Awareness training via our e-leaning programme.  As added support we also provide free and confidential support via our partnership with the Retail Trust.

Our Brand Ambassador Alex Staniforth and his charity Mind Over Mountains believe spending time outdoors is the most powerful intervention to build resilience and positive wellbeing which is why we have committed to providing our colleagues with the opportunity to join Alex and the Mind Over Mountains team on their events.

This World Mental Health Day we are reminding our colleagues that we’re here for them, whatever life throws their way and in partnership with Retail Trust, we have provided all our colleagues with a Wellbeing Assessment and tailored support for their own personal circumstances.   

If you are struggling with your mental health, we urge you to take the first step and reach out, whatever way you feel comfortable. 

Other sources of information:

The Retail Trust,


Hub of Hope,