Westgrove Sphere

Designed exclusively and individually for the Westgrove Group.

Designed exclusively and individually for the Westgrove Group, this key piece of software is providing bespoke real-time reporting and an intelligent patrolling system that has become an integral part of our day to day operations management.

  • Real-time paperless reporting
  • 360⁰ business management tool covering all facets of operation
  • Real-time viewing portal and imagery
  • Instant email action reference
  • Adapted to individual sites for proactive building management
  • Customer service feedback surveys via Sphere handsets
  • Tangible financial benefits
  • H&S and insurance evidence leading to risk mitigation
  • GPS signal allows location tracking of hand sets around scheme

Sphere is an intelligent patrol management system to monitor that patrols are carried out at certain times. These patrols can be predetermined and match the footfall of a centre and allocated to “Hot Spot” security or cleaning areas. When a colleague uses the handset to scan a point, a pre-determined question will appear of which they’ll need to answer before continuing their duties.

  • Are all retailers’ shop fronts in view secure?
  • Are all the soap dispensers full?
  • Is the cinema entrance free from gum and litter?
  • Is the vacant unit locked and secure?
  • What is the current electricity meter reading?

An area that the Westgrove Sphere is proving very beneficial to our Partners managing Shopping Parks and Shopping Centres is to log “Real time” incidents. This is proving very beneficial to our Partners is to help mitigate fraudulent “Slip and Trip” claims.






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