Westgrove Service Directory

Added Value Services

  • Multi-Faceted Training Academy
  • Bespoke Uniform Provision
  • Reception and Administration services
  • External Service Audits
  • Bespoke Management Technology

Complimentary Cleaning Services

  • Washroom services
  • Janitorial supplies (including cellar management)
  • Specialised high level Window Cleaning (including abseil)
  • High access fascia and cladding cleaning
  • Lone Worker Protection software devices
  • Floor maintenance (Including diamond polishing and vitrification)
  • Chewing gum removal/ pressure washing & steam cleaning
  • Specialised escalator cleaning
  • Periodic Cleaning/Planned maintenance scheduling
  • Ground Maintenance and Landscaping

Complimentary Security Services

  • Crime and Intelligence reporting & Police liaison
  • Counter Terrorism Training & Bomb blast mitigation
  • Specialised tracking software
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Emergency Response Centre
  • Alarm Response Centre
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Car Park management
  • Intelligence lead patrols
  • Lone Officer Protection software
  • Tenant liaison programme

Westgrove Environmental

  • Strategic Waste Management solutions
  • Detailed reporting and recycling analysis
  • Legislative advice
  • Revenue stream generation

Consultancy and Planning Services

  • Cleaning & Security strategy specialisation
  • Site health checks
  • Health & Safety – Detailed site risk assessments and legislative compliance consultancy
  • Covert scheme evaluations
  • Budgetary Forecasting/Financial feasibility studies






Retail Destinations


Car Park Spaces Cleaned


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