Westgrove Mobilisation

Successful mobilisation is key to the start of any partnership.

Successful mobilisation is key to the start of any partnership.

Westgrove use a bespoke portal, Basecamp to deliver an effective mobilisation process for each site involving all stakeholders with a clear critical path and timelines for delivery.

Basecamp is unique and provides a transparent cloud based platform for each site which hosts all key milestones before, during and after mobilisation.

Partners are able to access their own Basecamp page, to see who is accountable for what task, progress to date and the completion dates for tasks.

Following the initial pre-start meeting, Westgrove hold a weekly conference call until the contract is fully mobilised. There are also key milestones post mobilisation which are kept live such as training competition dates and site audits.

A Contract Development Plan is constructed during mobilisation, a basis for initial objectives to provide a tracking mechanism for new ideas/improvements at the SLA monthly meetings.






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