Our Outstanding Colleagues – Quarter 3

Our people are what make us special.  From saving lives and preventing crime to helping people in need and much more.  Our Reward and Recognition scheme is our way of saying thank you to our Colleagues for the amazing work that they do each and every day, often going above and beyond in their role.

During Quarter 3, there has been a lot to contend with including coming out of national lockdown and re-opening centres which has seen Colleagues stepping up and displaying professionalism and compassion.

Well done to all our winners and everyone who has been nominated for an award this quarter – you are all amazing!

The winners are:

Site Manager of the Quarter

Richard Pope for showing an exceptional level of leadership and stepping up at a critical time (lockdown and re-opening).  Richard has shown exemplary attention to detail and is a valued member of the Centre Management Team at Riverside Shopping Centre.  

Team of the Quarter

High Chelmer Cleaning and Security.  The team recently played a huge part in the clean-up operation of the biggest downpour the city has seen.  The team’s quick thinking and fast actions ensured the safety of shoppers and the centre remained open throughout.

Cornbow Cleaning & Security.  The team have stepped up throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and remained professional even when faced with challenging circumstances.  The team have remained positive despite having to deal with difficult situations and continued to work as a team.  

Telford Cleaning Team. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure the cleanliness of Telford Centre despite being short staffed.  The team have ensured contractual hours have been covered and that standards remain high.

Birchwood Park Security Team.  This team have ensured the safety of the whole site throughout difficult circumstances, keeping occupiers and buildings safe and monitoring all movements on site.  The team always pull together during times of need and provide excellent customer service to the client, occupiers and the on-site teams. 

Colleague of the Quarter

Samantha Newton, The Core.  Sam is a valued member of the team, stepping in to assist with additional duties to ensure the smooth running of the centre.  She has remained positive, ensuring standards remain high and is a great support to her colleagues and to the centre manager. 

Michael Palmer, Bramley Shopping Centre. Mick is a dedicated Security Guard and although he had an extremely touch year, he has shown dedication to his role and the same enthusiasm he always has. 

Clare Danks, Head Office, for being a great support over the lockdown period to her sites.  Clare adapted to the new ways of working and supported her sites giving them sound advice and support when it mattered. 

Mohammed Osman, Queens Square.  Mo is a valued member of the Queens Square team.  He is always helpful and remains professional.  He has been described as a real gentleman with excellent customer service skills. 

Newcomer of the Quarter

Tony Warburton, Runcorn – a great asset to the team with excellent customer service skills.  Tony is professional, friendly and has great observational skills. 

Sering Sallah, Market Place Bolton – Outstanding customer service, greeting customers and making them feel at ease during the re-opening on the centre after lockdown.  Sal has adapted easily to the new ways of working.   

Angela Hudson, Templars Square – Angela has shown fantastic customer service skills and represents Westgrove in a positive light.

Covid Spirit Award

Security Team, Quedam – The team have been complimented by tenants including Primark for the way their queues have been managed when the centre re-opened. 

Steve Travis and the Security Team, Arcades – From implementing new safety precautions and managing rosters to meet both work and family needs, it has been a difficult few month for the Arcades team, but they have pulled together and navigated the ‘new normal’ in order to get their job done. 

CSR of the Quarter

Wayne Morgan, Cleaning Operative, Quedam – For implementing new waste procedures and creating real cost savings for the centre and helping greatly towards its sustainability.

Outstanding Acts


  • Gloucester Quays, Security Team, Gloucester Quays


  • AnnMarie Croft, Housekeeper, QVC Knowsley
  • Jaspreet Singh, Security Officer, Queens Square Shopping Centre
  • Sharon Griffin, Housekeeper, Telford Centre
  • Michael Rodford, Cleaning Operative, Quedam Shopping Centre


  • Syed Shah, Security Officer, Queens Square
  • Yvonne Howell, Housekeeping Team leader, Telford Centre
  • Damon Kosmalski Pearson & Tanya Tate, Dual Service Supervisor and Customer Support Officer, Riverside
  • Martin Wain, Majid Khan & Paul Greenslade, Customer Service Supervisor and Officers, Templars Square Shopping Centre
  • Marc Hunt, Rebecca Waldron & Renay Snelson, Security, Guest Service & Ambassador, Runcorn Shopping City
  • Eduart Cota, Abu Hanif, Derek Spencer, Security Officer, Royal Priors

Service Excellence


  • Vitor Azevedo, Cleaning Supervisor, Tata Technologies
  • Dave Phillips, Denise Phillips, Debra Taylor, Nizam Patel, Gill Davidson, Security & Cleaners, Market Place, Bolton
  • Whole Team, Castle Quay
  • Amarjit Bhullar, Security Officer, Queens Square Shopping Centre
  • George Moriata, Cleaner, Lion Yard
  • Barry Burnham, Customer Service Supervisor, Templars Square


  • Damon Kosmalski Pearson & Karl Hobbs Dual Service Supervisor and Cleaner, Riverside
  • Jaspreet Singh, Security Officer Queens Square


  • Joanne O’Neill, Business Manager, Westgrove HQ
  • Paul Clarke/Ian Plumbley, Security Supervisor/Security Officer, Birchwood Park
  • Daniel Jackson   Guest Service Ambassador – Security Officer, The Galleries Shopping Centre
  • Shannon Blount / Steven Buckle Cleaning Operative, Gloucester Quays
  • Asif Nazir, Assistant DSM, Lion Yard
  • Security Team, Stamford Quarter
  • Jon Walton & Shaun Buckley, Security Officers, Telford Centre
  • Sandra Perry, Customer Service Officer, Templars Square

Please remember to nominate your colleagues through our Reward and Recognition programme. You can find out more and nominate here.