Our Outstanding Colleagues – Q1

Our people are what make us special. From saving lives and preventing crime to helping people in need and much more. Our Reward and Recognition scheme is our way of saying thank you to our Colleagues for the amazing work that they do each and every day, often going above and beyond in their role.

Well done to all our winners and everyone who has been nominated for an award this quarter – you are all amazing!

Our 2023 Quarter 1 winners are:

Team of the Quarter

Touchwood Shopping Centre

Colleague of the Quarter

Alex Daisey – The Moor Shopping Centre

Newcomer of the Quarter

Winner: Nicole Carney – QVC, Knowsley

Runner Up: James Horner – Touchwood Shopping Centre

Site Manager of the Quarter

James Gradwell – Houndshill Shopping Centre

H&S Champion of the Quarter

Kevin Harvoutt – Ryemarket Shopping Centre

Service Excellence of the Quarter

  • Matthew Groves – Riverside Shopping Centre
    • Came up with a new H&S solution which is now used on site
  • Spindles Town Square
    • Undertook a massive water clean up operation when the vents on the roof failed
  • Ben Pickering – Willow Place Shopping Centre
    • Identified a violent offender and recovered stock worth £300 for a tennant
  • Kevin Harvoutt & Carl Williams – Ryemarket Shopping Centre
    • Reunited an elderly gentleman with some misssing cash

Outstanding Act of the Quarter

  • Alun Boon – St Johns Shopping Centre
    • Reunited a lady with dementia with her family after a few hours
  • Muhammad Younis, Rayan Choudhary & Jonathan Chandler – Royal Priors Shopping Centre
    • Provided first aid to an unconscious female and potentially saved her life
  • Nigel Ridgway – Houndshill Shopping Centre
    • Administered first aid to an elderly gentleman who had a head injury

Congratulations to all our winning colleagues and to everyone who was nominated in Quarter 1.

If you wish to nominate a colleague for a Reward & Recognition award, click here.

To see a list of all our previous winners, click here.