Knife Crime Awareness Training

Knife crime has been continually on the rise since 2014 and ensuring the safety of our colleagues and the general public is top of the Westgrove agenda. 

Recently some of our team attended Knife Crime Awareness Training to boost their knowledge and understanding of the dangers surrounding knife crime and how to react in, and to a threat. 

The course was designed to give:

•  Better understanding of threats

•  Increased awareness of how assumptions can lead to people being at risk

•  Awareness of the need to know how to communicate

•  Awareness of the need to know emergency plans and key actions to reduce threat.

The course was met with enthusiasm to learn and as a result the team have come away with greater understanding and the skills they need to perform their role.  In this new way of socially distanced learning, the course was run online and the team embraced it and praised the fantastic presentation.  We’re rolling out the course to more colleagues over the coming months to ensure all our teams have the skills and knowledge needed to perform their role and to act against knife crime.