Birchwood Park Go Green!

Our security team at Birchwood Park have ditched their cars for bikes in an effort to become more sustainable.    

Birchwood Park hosts around 6,000 people in over 160 businesses on a 134-acre site in the heart of Cheshire.  The Security team will cover around 45,000 miles per year on their bikes – not only is it better for the environment but the team will work smarter – they will patrol more effectively by getting to places quicker than on foot and to places a car can’t get and there are the positive mental health benefits too.  

Stuart, Security Manager at Birchwood Park said “it creates a practical means of patrolling the business park that won’t impact the environment plus it helps with our mental health, we can talk to our colleagues whilst cycling around and it’s a great way to get fit!”

At Westgrove we recognise that we have a responsibility to help protect the environment and reduce our carbon foot print and we’re proud of the team at Birchwood Park for implementing this initiative.