Westgrove understand how important the environment is and the vital part that we need to play in helping to protect it.

Westgrove are accredited to ISO14001 standard. Our Sustainability Policy outlines our objectives;

  • To integrate our sustainability strategy throughout the company and all our sites
  • To reduce the amount of the world’s natural resources
  • Make a positive contribution to the sites in which we operate and the communities around the sites
  • Ensure that our sustainability strategy integrates with our business operations
  • Work closely with our suppliers and contractors to ensure our objectives are met Westgrove use Selden environmentally friendly products which are safe and naturally biodegradable. Where possible we seek innovation to support the environment such as chemical free cleaning systems. We have installed the Tersano lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit which turns water into a natural commercial cleaner on some of our sites.
  • Westgrove actively encourage our teams to engage with and support community initiatives across our schemes through Community Awareness Plans. Our Partners benefit from access to Alex Staniforth (link), a highly acclaimed young explorer and motivational speaker.