Employee of the Quarter – Clare Danks, Cleaning Manager – Princes Quay

Clare shows commitment, loyalty and an abundance of enthusiasm for both Westgrove and our Partner at Princes Quay. Clare has demonstrated a thorough understanding of not only the role and the cleaning requirements at Princes Quay, but the expectancy to which Westgrove are committed to delivering a high-end service. She displays this knowledge on an ongoing basis & is receiving the recognition she thoroughly deserves.

The reason behind the nomination was because Clare recently put together very detailed assignment instructions for cleaning which has been highly commended by both of our Partners on site. Tony Page & Clare’s business manager reviewed the documents and have circulated these through the business as a standard for everyone to use which is a fantastic achievement.

On top of this, Clare also used her own initiative to create her team a spillage kit which are handed out at the start of each shift. The spillage kit is made up of a small bag, paper tissue, anti-bacterial spray & latex gloves. The initiative has saved us money but allows the team to  respond instantly to small spillages. Congratulations Clare!

Clare Danks Princes Quay

Pictured left; Jane Williams, Westgrove Business Manager with Clare Danks receiving her award.








Team of the Quarter – Princes Quay (Cleaning & Security)

The whole team at Princes Quay have won this award. Early one morning a security officer was conducting a patrol and during their usual checks, found a large leak in the male toilets. The security officer quickly used whatever resources available to contain the leak whilst waiting for a member of the cleaning team to arrive. All 3 cleaners (even those not of shift) quickly attended the area and managed to contain the large volume of water and cleaned up the mess. Their responsiveness Princes Quay Teammeant the leak was dealt with quickly, with minimal damage incurred. The team managed to determine were the leak was coming from and passed this information onto the maintenance team. The fast response from all parties meant the public toilets only had to be closed for a minimal length of time.

During another security patrol, the team then found the leak had seeped onto the mall directly below the toilets. Everybody was involved to clean up the centre yet again. All of the security team, cleaning team and management were armed with a mop in hand! A great example of team work that thoroughly deserves this award.

Pictured L-R: Shane Day (security), Lee Douthwaite (security), Kevin McFaul (security), Mark White (security), Claire Suggitt (Centre Manager), Clare Danks (Cleaning Manager), Joanna Hadrys (cleaning), Toni Price (security), Malcolm Parritt (car park), Claire Mckinley-Smith (Westgrove), Maxine Tilney (cleaning), John Fox (cleaning), Mark Williamson (security), Richard Thompson (cleaning), Jane Williams (Westgrove), Deborah Hitchcock (PQ Admin).


Outstanding Act – Phil Bailey, Security Supervisor – Market Place

Phil was monitoring the camera during his night shift. He noticed a female who appeared to be intoxicated and was being followed by a male. Keeping an eye on the situation, the male then approached the female but she pushed him away and managed to get away. Sadly, the male sexually assaulted this lady. Phil quickly informed the police and the town link so they were aware of what was happening and could follow the male with CCTV. Phil made his way to the location were the male in question fled. A short time later, the male was detained and Phil assisted the police in collection of the CCTV footage.

We have had since received an email from the police praising Phil for his efforts that night as has hopefully assisted in the prosecution of this male for such a horrific crime. Massive thanks to Phil and we could not be more proud!

Outstanding Act – Luke Simms, Phil Nicholson & Lorraine Brown, Security Officer – Beaumont Shopping Centre

On 28th April the security team noticed a well-known shoplifter exiting the Argos store with two large bags full of items. The security team approached the individual and asked if they could see the receipt for the items. She could not produce a receipt to show she had purchased the items and attempted to flee. Phil Nicholson and Luke Simms managed to detain her while Lorraine spoke with control and requested for the police to be called. The lady was arrested for theft for the value of goods from Argos totalling £123. The store was extremely pleased with the outcome as the lady had been targeting the store for some time. Thanks to all three for detaining a prolific shoplifter that has been a problem for the tenants & the centre for some time.

Service to the Customer – Steve Smith, Mobile Support Officer

Steve’s role as an MSO is to provide cover and support at a variety of different sites when required. We have received commendations from a Partner onsite at The Springs Shopping Centre reference Steve’s efforts whilst he was working at this site. Our partner has commented on Steve’s high levels of customer care but also the support he has offered to some of the permanent members of staff, which has resulted in the small team coming together and working to their maximum potential. The centre has received some positive comments from tenants about Steve’s positive presence within the centre and the way in which he deals with situations calmly and with great maturity. The site has also gone on to comment how they feel safe when he is on site and they wish he would become a permanent member of staff! Some great comments there so a massive congratulations to Steve.

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