2014 Annual Awards

Each year, The Westgrove Group award a team or individual who have won a Quarterly award in the year, with the Annual Award.  The 2014 Annual Award winners are as follows:

Richard Farley – Colleague of the Year

Richard has shown great leadership in terms of his behaviour and commitment to developing his team. He has utilised his team to carry out the investigation and disciplinary process in a timely and professional manner. Richard is well respected by his team who say that he will go that extra mile and is thoroughly committed to his role. The centre has been without a maintenance manager and Richard has been assisting in this area, continuing to carry out his role a Dual service Manager and he has been supporting other sites within the Westgrove portfolio and the mobilisation of new contracts.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Richard Farley








Daniel Paice – Achiever of the Year

Daniel won Outstanding Act in Q1 2014 for his assistance with a female after she attempted suicide in the toilets of the centre. He also won Service to The Customer in Q3 2014 after a tenant was assaulted on the way to his car.

Daniel’s continual commitment & hard work also contributed to him successfully winning the annual award.

A tenant of the centre was assaulted as he approached his car. Daniel had noticed two males acting suspiciously at a similar time but was unable to obtain CCTV footage to identify the culprits. Eight days later Daniel recognised the same two men, he contacted St Helen’s Council to obtain CCTV footage and the CID with the new information.  Due to Daniel’s fast action they were able to identify the culprits, which resulted in them being arrested and charged and following a guilty plea, they are currently awaiting sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Daniel Paice








Jessica Higson – Service To the Customer

Jessica won Service to the Customer in Q1 however throughout the year has continued to provide an outstanding level of service. She has also started to assist with interviews & recruitment in the North West as she has proved to be a more than capable colleague.

Jessica has established a brilliant working relationship with our partner Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH). During her time with Westgrove she has worked closely with our partner to improve LSH documentation for the northern region as well as her day to day duties, thus exceeding her role at Fountain Street. Jessica has shown great commitment to both Westgrove and our partner.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Jess Higson








Spindles Security Team – Outstanding Act of the Year

Spindles have had to endure several incidents over the last year including several suicides and suicide attempts. The Spindles Security team won Outstanding Act for Q3 & Q4.

Gareth noticed a female acting suspiciously on level 7 of the car park which is a notorious suicide location. Both Tim and Adele approached the lady who assured them both that she was ok, she left and went to Level 1 but later returned to Level 7. Adele approached the lady and she admitted that she was suffering from depression and felt suicidal. Adele took the lady for a coffee and chat and informed Tim of the situation who informed the police. The lady was placed on the at risk register and as a result is getting the right care she needs. The lady has since returned to the site to thank the team for their help and support on that day.

On 7th December 2014 the Security Team were alerted that a gentleman had collapsed in the men’s toilets. Damian Harrision was the first to arrive and on arrival discovered the gentleman had actually hung himself. Two officers climbed over the partition and took the rope from around the gentleman’s neck and immediately commenced CPR. The team took this in turns whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive in attempt to resuscitate the gentleman whilst successfully isolating the incident. On arrival at the hospital the staff informed the police that they were amazed with the job the security team did and the way they kept his heart beating.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Spindles 







Crown Point – Team of the Year

The team won team of the quarter in Q1 for working tirelessly in extreme conditions to ensure that the standards and objectives were met, without any onsite management.

We have received excellent feedback from our partner and landowners about how professional and helpful the team are and very rarely receive complaints from the tenants. They have received constant feedback from Savills and VIP visits about the exceptional standards. This effort alone ensured they won the annual award, however they have continued to face and overcome further issues throughout the year.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Crown Point








Kingston – Site of the Year

The team won team of the quarter in Q2. They have maintained their hard work & commitment throughout the year which has ensured that Kingston is one of the top sites within its portfolio.

Following some notes for improvement from our Partner, the team have changed tactics on site and in two months doubled their score on the British Land Service Report, which is carried out by our partner. The team’s hard work, dedication and continued commitment at site, has been recognised by our partner and they are more than impressed by the attitudes and noticeable improvements. The have put forward ideas for and has taken everything on board which is asked of them and given a 100%. It has been stated that Kingston is on the way to becoming a top team within our partners portfolio.

18 & 19 Annual Awards Kingston

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